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15th Dec 2020

December 14, 2020 - Sean Highkin

It's a big night of NBA talk with Sean Highkin, who covers the league for Bleacher Report...

but before we get to that, it's a little talk about music (he had a picture of Rush drummer Neil Peart over his shoulder on the live show) and what it means to truly come to terms with hair loss at a young age.

Once that's over, though we ask some important questions. First, who in the West, outside the Clippers, is best equipped to take out the Lakers? Portland has made serious improvements, and in what could be one of the season's better stories, might have Carmelo Anthony primed to make a run at 6th Man of the Year. What could that do for a basketball rep that takes far more abuse than it should?

Then there's James Harden. What happens in Houston? How easy is it to trade him, transcendent a scorer as he is? For all the talk of landing in Brooklyn, would the Knicks actually be a better fit?

How has Kyrie Irving's imperfections as a messenger impacted the validity of his message?

Finally, if a team is going to beat the Lakers this season, which one is best equipped? How many have a chance, assuming LA stays healthy?

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